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The Africa Channel

African Universal Freedom Flag

Alexander, Lamar  (U.S. Sen.) - Black History Statement


Banneker, Benjamin

Barry, Marion (eulogized in Memphis)

Beale Street Photo Gallery

Beard, Andrew

Beauchamp, Keith

Black Colleges - History of HBCUS and Should They Exist

Black Colleges - The Mid-South Tribune HBCUs Edition (in entirety ) Edition is in PDF format but is size of regular newspaper, but reader may use Adobe PDF to read or print in view comfortable for them. 

Black Colleges - HBCU in single newspaper pages

Black Farmers Class Action Lawsuit

Black History Month Features

"The Need for African American History Month" by Loretta McBride

"The History of Black History Month" by Vernon Ash

Black Leadership Family Plan

2012 Black History Proclamation by Pres. Barack Obama

Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, TN) history

Blatcher, Charles III - Speech by Mr. Charles Blatcher at the Unveiling of The Col. Charles Young Maquette (PDF format)

Blatcher, Charles III - speech on Col. Charles Young



Boyd, John W.

Bryant, Carolyn (Relating to Emmett Till)

Bryant, Roy ( Relating to Emmett Till)


Carver, George Washington (Dr.)

Cassells, Thomas F.

Clark, Obie - "An Oral History"

Cleaver, Emanuel (Cong.)- Black History Statement (2012)

CNN - Ernest C. Withers documentary

Coburn, Patricia L. (Lt. Col.)

Colleges- (Black Colleges and Universities, HBCUs)

Colors of the Black Information Highway

Corker, Bob (U.S. Senator) - 2013 Black History Statement

Crawford, John

Crawford, Roosevelt

Crawford, Ruthie Mae




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