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National Organization of Black Veteran Coalition grant legendary

Buffalo Soldier --Colonel Charles Young--

the Honorary Rank of Brigadier General



Shown here is the certificate presented posthumously to Col. Charles Young which promoted him to the honorary rank of Brig. General. (Photo: Courtesy of National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations).


Brig. General Charles Young


On June 1, 2016, Buffalo Soldier and Colonel Charles Young will be posthumously presented with the honorary designation of Brigadier General at the National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center on behalf of the Coalition of Black Veterans. The Medal will be presented to the Museum to be added to the display honoring the legendary Soldier. The title is being bestowed by the Coalition.


Charles Blatcher, III, Chairman of the Coalition said, "The honorary titles of "Golden Buffalo" and Brigadier General are being bestowed by the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations in recognition of a great man deserving of both Titles. The pronouncement serves to demonstrate the level of appreciation and respect that our organizations holds for Charles Young and his history.

Our honorary promotion does not preclude our hope that the White House will one day follow through with our request for the Presidential Promotion. In spite of its symbolic nature, our action signifies our determination that Charles Young is worthy of the honor we have sought on his behalf for almost four decades. Our actions constitutes a Field Promotion with slight modifications since it is Honorary. 

According to military regulations, to be considered for a field promotion, Soldiers must display exceptional leadership and performance that clearly distinguishes them from their peers and is expected of a higher rank. In the opinion of the Coalition, Charles Young fulfilled both criteria during his thirty -two years of honorable service in the then segregated United States Army.  


The Golden Buffalo Leadership Medal will be presented in ceremony to the National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center on June 1st.Two Medals are being presented this year. The second recipient is Lt General Arthur J, Gregg, USA, - Retired. Lt. General Gregg has devoted his life to this nation and the uplifting of the young men and women many of who are still serving this nation.  We are proud to present both men the moniker of "Golden Buffalo" as the first and second recipients of the Medal. The certificates presented to both men reads as following:


Brigadier General Charles Young, Honorary

“For selfless service and sacrifice in representing the Race and Nation in over three decades of service during a segregated United States Armed Forces (1889 to 1922).May it be known by virtue of his service that the glass ceiling in the United States Armed Forces was broken, allowing Black Officers to advance into the Flag Rank.

Be it known that Charles Young is hereby granted the moniker “Golden Buffalo,” and with it the honorary title of Brigadier General. The honorary promotion reflects the sentiments of Black Veterans and supporting members of the public. Both honors are granted under the auspices of the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations.”


Lieutenant General Arthur J. Gregg, USA – Retired


for selfless service to the Nation in over three decades of military service beginning in World War II as a Private in the then segregated United States Army.  May it be known in his career he advanced through the ranks to retire as a Three Star General. Through his years of service and post service he has been a mentor and role model providing guidance and inspiration to many.


Be it known Lieutenant General Arthur J. Gregg is hereby granted the moniker “Golden Buffalo.” The title reflects the sentiments of the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations in recognition of your achievements, leadership and counsel in furtherance of the group’s goals and objectives over the years.


In future years, one Medal will be awarded annually. For additional information e-mail:  cnmmmf@aol.com




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