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Col. Charles Young*

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National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations promotes Legendary Buffalo Soldier Col. Charles Young to Honorary Rank of Brig. General - posted June 2, 2016

National Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations Promotes Col. Charles Young to Rank of Brig. General in Sports Detour in The Mid-South Tribune Print Sports Edition (MST sports 1 and continued on MST sports 5)


*This is part of our efforts in the National Veterans Coalition Colonel Charles Young Campaign

To Campaign Letter for White House Campaign - please download and distribute. Thank you!

"Black Veterans focus mail campaign on The White House"  by Charles Blatcher III, Chairman of the National Coalition of Black Veterans


Editorial: Center for Military History Answers with Gobbledygook on Col. Charles Young Honorary Promotion - posted August 7, 2013

EDITORIAL: Col. Charles Young Denied by the Center for Military History - posted July 26, 2013

To National Coalition of Black Veterans January 22, 2013 Letter

Cong. Barbara Lee's Letter  and Coalition Partners List

To Mr. Charles Blatcher III's July 8, 2013 Letter

Editorial: Col. Charles Young Denied by the Center for Military History

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Editorial Videos

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