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Travelers, to  October 5, 2015 review of this documentary.


Above is poster from 2005 "The Untold Story of Louis Emmett Till" by Keith Beauchamp. This marked the first time an African American-produced documentary was released theatrically.

 Production Background Notes

Emmett Till Links

Oct. 5, 2005 "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till" Movie Review by Arelya J. Mitchell

September 2005 Press Release on "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till" and Katrina

QUOTE from Mrs. Mamie Till-Mobley

“I had to look at Emmett and realize he was already becoming everything I had hoped he might. There were things I had taught him, there were things he just seemed to know. I thought about the way he had treated me, taken care of me, protected me.”

Mamie Mobley-Till, Mother of Emmett Till, 14-year-old slain in Mississippi

Quote from:  “Death of Innocence: The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America”, by Mamie Till-Mobley and Christopher Benson (Published by Ballantine Books/One World”.  Highly recommended for your Black History Book Shelf. Now available in bookstores.




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