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Impeach the Peach*

By Arelya J.Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

One mustn’t fool oneself into thinking that this is totally about impeaching President Trump.  This is about changing the United States into full blown socialism by any means necessary. This is about hate. This is about jealousy. This is about highbrow resentment. This is about rage. This is about out-of-control control freaks. This is about the Democrat Party, academia elites, Technocrat elites, mainstream media elites, Black elites, and grassroots elites usurping the very fabric of the U.S. Constitution. These usurpers advocate getting rid of the Electoral College, First and Second Amendment Rights, the entire Bill of Rights, Due Process, and stomping to death “In God We Trust” among other issues to stifle individual rights to make the nation ripe for a ruling class of socialists who will keep their wealth intact. One has to only look at the millionaire Democrat Party presidential candidates who seem to be running for America’s first dictator rather than for president.

Those who are orchestrating this illegal impeachment process are also orchestrating an agenda of socialism which includes the tactics of class warfare and using the African American community as a springboard to further spread the idealism of socialism. This is also where the grassroots elites march forever in a time warp of the 1960’s to advance their rhetoric that ‘Black Lives Matter’ except in the Black community or the philosophy that you can be black as long as you are a Democrat.

On that observation, it is time to impeach the Peach.

You see, a rotten seed known as an impeachment inquiry pits itself inside the Peach. 

Three years ago, the Democrat Party planted the Peach in an orchard of a Mueller Report, Russian Collusion, mainstream media propaganda, and politically correct frivolity to create a ‘Climate Change’ to get rid of President Donald Trump by any means necessary. Well, actually, they planted the Peach before President Trump even took office by declaring that they were going to impeach him before he could lay his hand on the Bible to take the oath of office.   

This impeachment inquiry is led by a cowardly woman bullied by four little big mouth socialist sorority sisters, a bug-eyed man who is 13 eggs short of a dozen, and a Democrat Party where commonsense has been run naked into the street into the arms of a straightjacket.  The big-eyed man’s surname should have the “C” deleted and the two “F’s” should be replaced with one “T” to put in perspective his brains and his arrogance.  Then, of course, they have flanking around them at press conferences members of the Congressional Black Caucus many of whom have no problem capitalizing off capitalism to benefit themselves. Indeed, CBC members have yelled until they’re navy blue in the face for the rights of illegal immigrants over the concerns of their black constituents

This Democrat Party-lynch mob led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Cong. Adam Schiff and the four little girls who called themselves the Squad will implode. These irate Peach Pickers are torching all of the orchards and are heading toward the main House—the White House-- to burn it to the ground.

Now that the savages have arrived, what shall we serve?

Shall we peel the yellow (cowardly) skin of the Peach to dig out this rotten seed? If so, what would we find?  It would not be Donald J. Trump and the 63 million-plus ‘deplorables’. We will find naked self-righteous liberal racists, dividers, snobs, green-eyed monsters and haters with nothing more than a mushy shield of intolerance protecting their hurt feelings. We must remember that the Peach Pickers will never take the first step to distribute and redistribute their own wealth as they launch a battle to take out cowering billionaires and millionaires who will not stand up to them, who will not tell them that most of them were not born with a silver spoon, who will not stand up for capitalism and yes, as corny as it sounds, even stand up for the American Dream. The Peach Pickers have no problem with Third-World Dictators who control orchards of socialism where their citizens have withered in poverty as they collect them in baskets of hopelessness.

The Democrat Party has recklessly formed a symbiotic relationship with the Democrat Socialist Party.  

                Yes, this impeachment sham is bigger than Donald J. Trump. This is about preserving the Union with the same seriousness which uprooted itself into the Civil War where finally the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments could be planted. It is about keeping this nation from the enslavement of socialism in a 21st Century. The Peach Pickers have shown that they will destroy anyone who disagrees with them.  They will gather their mainstream media propagandists and Antifa Army to make sure that the punishment is carried out.  They have the same passion as other haters who do not get their way. They have now created the prototype of using impeachment as a weapon of mass political destruction to rid the nation of this president and any future president they simply do not like. Damn The People! Pull ahead!

                When Donald J. Trump shook the Peach tree by winning the presidency with the largest number of electoral votes, the Peach fell to the ground. It has been rotting in that same place for three years. It cannot move on to produce legislation for the good of The People because The People are irrelevant.

                This President will not wither, waver, or whimper.  To the American public, regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, black, white, brown, red or yellow, this is about preserving what made and makes America great (warts and all)—Its Constitution.  Had the American Constitution not been as well-written as it was, there never would have existed a workable framework onto which to hang the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments. To the American public, regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, black, white, brown, red or yellow, it is capitalism which has also made it possible to “Pursue Happiness” and the American Dream that you can come from any level of poverty and work your way up—and yes, even from the bowels of slavery to have the freedom to ‘create’  and spawn rapper multi-millionaires who sold CD’s out of trunks of  cars and athletes  who shot balls in the ghettos.  Even under the immorality of segregation, capitalism created with warts and all a Booker T. Washington, HBCUs, the Harlem Renaissance, a George Washington Carver, women of ‘Hidden Figures’, black scientists, black astronauts, black inventors, a Black Wall Street, a John H. Johnson, a Robert Church, an A.G. Gaston, a Maceo Walker, a Rosa Parks, a Frederick Douglass, black-owned businesses of barbershops, beauty salons, a Madam C. J. Walker, a Kanye West, a Jay Z, a Barry Gordy, a Bob Johnson, a Robert Smith, an Oprah Winfrey, a Barack Obama, and foremost  a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other movers and shakers which socialism never, ever, would have produced or given an ounce of air to breathe to have the freedom to ‘dream’. Warts and all, it has been capitalism and democracy with a commonsensical welfare system for those who fall through the crack to get a second leg-up to ‘pursue’ happiness. Not socialism. Not communism. Not terrorism. Not hate.

                  President Trump will win in a 2020 landslide because of The People’s Resistance and maybe and hopefully because of commonsensical Democrats who choose to take back their party which is now the Democrat Socialist Party. The People’s Resistance must not allow impeachment to be used as a coup, as an excuse, and as the lynching tree to hang this nation in the historical epitaphs of socialism.

Now that the savages have arrived, what shall we serve?

We must serve the Peach.

We The People must now impeach the Peach.

We The People must now impeach the Democrat Party.




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