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Jeffrey Osborne is Ready to Cruise on Upcoming Classy Soul Train Cruise



By Jaunette Mays

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

All Aboard the Soul Train Cruise ship!!! In honor of the late” Don Cornelius, many have arranged a star studded cruise that will take place April 2013. The lineup is as follows; Pattie Labelle, George Duke, Jeffrey Osborne, and many, many more. Of these I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful Jeffrey Osborne.  Once a member and lead vocalist for the group LTD, Jeffrey speaks on being a solo act for many years and also about his split with the group LTD. He talks with me about what he wants his fans to come away from the cruise with as well as his thoughts on the passing of Don Cornelius. When asked his whereabouts when the news hit about Don's passing, he was at home; more so, the way of his passing was what shocked him as a whole.

Osborne's excitement on the cruise and being a part of the first Soul Train Cruise was overwhelming.” For me, being a part of this cruise is going to be fun; to mingle with all these people I have worked with for all these years and at the same time pay tribute to Don, who was really the person who tied us in and kept our careers going. Even when we weren’t hot, Don was still there for us.” Osborne is not reluctant to admit that although he’s there to pay homage to Don Cornelius, he is still looking to have a wonderful time and who wouldn’t!

In terms of his future as an artist, he has been working with George Duke on a current Jazz record that will be a long time coming dream of his that has come to pass. This album will be out by June 2012. So to all those who are who would love to pay a tribute to Don and enjoy a great blast from the past, here’s your time to shine with hundreds of other fans and an array of great singers/songwriters/musicians who are guaranteed to satisfy your every need!  In remembrance of Don, “This is Mid South –Tribune/BIH signing off and we wish you Peace, Love, and Soul!”






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