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Page 7: "Too many Americans Have Said There is No God" by Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

"Learn More about 'Peoples Struggling Against Racism' by Rev. Elizabeth Leung

When the Bank Account is Full but t he Soul is Lacking

"Why Women Live Longer" by Rev. James Snyder

Page 8: "The Quest for True Equality and Religious Freedom Restoration Act" by Raynard Jackson

Cong Barbara Lee's Statement on the Life and Legacy of Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

President and Sec. Clinton's Statement on the Passing of Robert Schuller

President Bill Clinton's Statement on the Passing of Rev. Gardner C. Taylor

Save Manatee


Page 9:  Bishop T. D. Jakes Presents the International Pastors and Leaders Conference


Page 10: "Will We Overcome?" By Dr. Janet Scott

Diagnosed with Cancer; What to do Next

Creating Your Financial Legacy Now

Alzheimer's Disease Study Seeks African American Volunteers

Women in the Ministry Conference  May 21-24, 2015


Page 11: "Greener on the Other Side" Follows Boy's Trek from a war-torn Africa to New York"

Jim Grimley tells 'How I Shed My Skin"

John C. Maxwell to Speak at T.D. Jakes' Leadership Conference

Collection of Short Essays Offers In-Depth Reflections on Holy Bible Teachings by Danson E. Ubebe

Page  12: "Superstorm That Tore Through Tornado Alley" by Kim Cross









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