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The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway 2014 Black History  Print Edition on HBCUs


Read excerpt of Raymond Wolter's "The New Negro on Campus: Black College Rebellions of the 1920s"

Stop Sign: Travelers, pages are in PDF Format. The pages are regular newspaper size (broadsheet), but with the PDF format, you may customize or print on 8 x 10 or legal.

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Front Page


"Should HBCUs Die?" by Arelya J. Mitchell

Should HBCUs Die? in PDF Format  under "The History of HBCUs and Why They Should Exist" by Arelya J. Mitchell

Stitchin 'n Pullin' by Patricia C. McKissack

"Wilberforce University's Col. Charles Young and 'Black Cats' a.k.a. Beta Kappa Sigma" by Katy St. Clair


Page 2

Cont. of "Should HBCUs Die?"

Photos of early schools for Black students

Page 3

An Interview with U.M. Dr. Beverly Cross on Urban Education

Doug Banks, Kym Whitley, Dwyane Wade and HBCU Site

Some mentions: Walgreen, Walmart, Mississippi Valley State, Black History. com, LeMoyne-Owen, Project: HBCU

Print Ad: Cadence Bank


Page 4

Profile: HBCU Graduate Robert Smith Becomes First African American Mayor of Columbus, Mississippi

Print Ad: Fitz Casino


Page 5

Profile: Dr. George C. Wright, President of HBCU Prairie View A&M in Texas

Print Ad: T. D. Jakes


Page 6

Profile: President of LeMoyne-Owen College, Johnnie B. Watson, L.L.D

Dr. Louis W. Sullivan Receives Booker T. Washington Legacy Award

Print ads: WKNO-TV

Buster's Liquors

Page 7

Book Excerpt:-  Focus: "The Story on How Fisk University Fought to Have an African American President" by Raymond Wolters. Excerpt from "The New Negro on Campus: Black College Rebellions of the 1920s (Princeton Press)

Mentions in Book Excerpt: Negro Board of Trade, A.L. Jackson of Chicago Urban League, Fisk Alumni Association, Citizen Savings & Trust, W.E.B. DuBois, Livingstone Hall

"Lockheed Martin's Stephanie C. Hill Named 2014 Black Engineer of the Year

Print Ad: Shelby County Commissioner Sidney C. Chism, Dist. 3, Pos. 2

Page 8

North Carolina Study Abroad & Global Engagement to Partner with States 11 HBCUs

A Voice from the Past: Why Black Colleges Must Exist" By Professor W. B. Mitchell

Page 9

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's Address to the Delta Sigma Theta National Convention Social Action Luncheon

Page 10

Cont. of  "Should HBCUs Die?" from front page

Cont. of "Col. Charles Young at Wilberforce"  from front page

Print Ad: Hyde Family Foundations

Page 11 - Op Ed

"Forever Guilty" by Sue Billlings

"Jail Overcrowding and an Education on Workable Bail Bond Solutions" by Eric Granof

"StatFuse: The 21st Century Technology for College Placement for High School Students and Others"

Page 12 - The Education Quilt

The Education Quilt presented by The Mid-South Tribune and Hancock Fabrics

Mentions: List of HBCUs, famous Black college graduates, Freedom Colors of the Education Quilt, Defining the Education Quilt

... and more

Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

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