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The Mid-South Tribune's  2016 Juneteenth Edition


Road Sign: This edition is in broadsheet format (regular newspaper size). You may adjust in Adobe PDF for your reading pleasure.

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Juneteenth Front Page

Headlines: Ms. Harriet Tubman Conducts Her Way to $20 Bill; Book Explores Life (cont. on page 10); The Slave-Breeding Industry, a Stigma on Denial (cont. page 2 and page 11; Point Take-Marist Poll Examines Reparation Views in the U.S. (cont. page 4); Underground Railroad Terms (cont. on page 2); "Reparations for African Descendants; Is U.S. There Yet?" by Bentley De Bardelaben (cont. on page 7; New 'Roots' on History Channel, Stream n Demand (cont. on page 4)


Juneteenth page 2

Headlines: Willie Lynch Delivers the Keys to Control Negroes; 'The Freedom Schools' by Jon Hale Examines Perspective of the Students During Freedom School


Juneteenth page 3

Headlines: Plenty to do at 24th Annual Juneteenth Festival, Featuring Recording Artist Tony Terry; U of M Select-A- Seat for Tigers Football; 'Destiny" by T. D. Jakes; What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth page 4

Headlines:  Continuation of Front Page Features; Reading Roots project (cont. on page 5)

Juneteenth page 5

Headlines: Harriet Tubman Museum Launches Fundraiser to Purchase Fred Ajanogha's Classic Harriet Tubman Sculpture (cont. on page 9); "Faithing It" by Ms. Jakes; Reading Roots Project; Freedom Schools Documentary in the Works

Juneteenth page 6

Headlines: Harriet Tubman Museum and Fred Ajanogha's Harriet Tubman (cont. on page 9; EbonyLife TV Presents 'Hello Africa'; Some Bios of the History Channel's 'Roots' Characters, Actors and Producer, Rogue One Star Wars

Juneteenth page 7

Headlines: An In-Depth Examination of Michelle Alexander of the 'New Jim Crow' by Dr. Eugene Stovall; "A Cancer Survivor with a Plan is One Who is Planning to Win ," by Kim Randolph, MSN, FNP-BC (cont. on page 8)


Juneteenth page 8

Headlines: Emancipation Proclamation As Delivered by Pres. Abraham Lincoln; Save the Manatee, Juneteenth in Memphis, American Cancer Society


Juneteenth page 9

Headlines:  Memphis Is Focus of 'Greenleaf' , New Drama from OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network; History is Served : Dinner Fundraiser for the James Hemings Foundation (cont. on page 12)

Juneteenth page 10

Headlines: "When You Fall, What Stops You From Getting Back Up?" by Dr. Janet Scott; Volunteer Drivers Needed to Help Cancer Patients Get to Treatment Places; Letter to the Editor


Juneteenth page 11

Headlines: U of M Tigers Football Tickets; Chief DD's Underground Railroad Theme; Dr. Albert Hall Chosen to Participate in Maxine Smith Fellows Program

Juneteenth page 12

Headlines: T.D. Jakes Audiobible, the Education Quilt, American Cancer Society







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