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Entertainment Edition for May 7-14, 2021
Victoria Rowell’s Emmy-Nominated ‘The Rich and the Ruthless’ Makes New Home on BET+ for Season 4 (MST ent. 1 and continued on MST ent. 2); Country Singer-Songwriter Adam Warner Scores First #1 Video with “4 Square Miles” on the Country Network’s Top 20 Countdown (MST ent. 1 and continued on MST ent. 2); Marvel: Black Widow (MST ent. 1); New Cadence Productions Announces “The Brothers Garcias” Slated for HBO Max; Original Cast Returns (MST ent. 2); Magic Springs Expand Summer Concert Series with Christian Music, Vanilla Ice, and More (MST ent. 2); UMADE (MST ent. 2); No Coke No Woke (MST ent. 2)

MST ent. Page 1
MST ent. Page 2