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SiriusXM Launches SiriusXM Insight

Hosts to include Pete Dominick, Margaret Hoover, John Fugelsang, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Karen Hunter, Dean Obeidallah, Alan Dershowitz, Perri Peltz, Bob Roth, and many more

NEW YORK – January, 6, 2015 – SiriusXM today announced it will launch SiriusXM Insight, an all-new, exclusive, groundbreaking news, information, and entertainment radio channel offering listeners inspiring ideas and intelligent conversation with an edge.  Designed to reach fans that enjoy the eclectic subject matter of public radio, SiriusXM Insight will feature an array of fresh, diverse voices addressing a new era of issues in a lively, smart, and sometimes humorous approach.  


At launch, SiriusXM Insight will feature shows with notable brands including the Aspen Institute, The Daily Beast, and TechCrunch, giving listeners the opportunity to react and learn about a range of critical issues spanning headline news and social trends, technology news, the arts and culture, science, parenting, spirituality, travel, literature, education and more. 


The channel will also include a variety of talented, insightful hosts from wide-ranging backgrounds, including three stand-up comedians well-known for their astute analysis of news and issues: SiriusXM on-air personality and stand-up comic, Pete Dominick; political commentator and comedian, John Fugelsang; and former practicing attorney and Muslim American stand-up comedian, Dean Obeidallah.  Also joining the lineup are well-known experts Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, Director of the Hayden Planetarium, and popularizer of science; author, Libertarian, activist and Harvard Law professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz; Pulitzer Prize-winning African-American journalist, professor, and publisher, Karen Hunter; center-right political commentator and gay rights activist, Margaret Hoover; and transcendental meditation expert and Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth.


“SiriusXM Insight is like the cocktail party after the seminar - the topics are lively and the discussion is loose, engaging and unpredictable,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. “Insight is a fresh alternative to public interest radio, giving listeners a new kind of intelligent discourse jam-packed with exciting programs and intelligent topics that affect all of our lives.  Not over-scripted, over-produced or over-rehearsed, the lineup of shows, and the additional content we will continue to add, will make SiriusXM Insight the go-to destination for people of all ages looking to find talk programs with curious, passionate and entertaining hosts covering a variety of issues.”


SiriusXM Insight will launch Monday, January 12, at 9:00 am ET on SiriusXM channel 121.  The inaugural program will be “Stand Up! With Pete Dominick,” in recognition of Dominick’s role in inspiring the creation of the channel. 


“I’m proud to work for a company that encourages us to take our ideas and create something real with them, and that’s what we did with SiriusXM Insight” said Dominick. “This new channel will bring listeners real diversity in programming from voices that are not typically heard and delivered with vitality and passion.”


"I'm thrilled that the Aspen Institute is partnering with SiriusXM to launch the Insight channel,” said Walter Isaacson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Aspen Institute. “SiriusXM has been a valuable disruptor to radio. With Insight, they continue to innovate by answering the call for smart, ideas-driven dialogue.”


The SiriusXM Insight program lineup will provide a wide-variety of topics, including:


Stand Up with Pete Dominick – 9am-12pm ET, daily

Pete sticks a microphone in America's face during his daily discussions with experts and an unusually independent-minded audience.  He draws out insights and witty observations you won't find in mainstream media or on partisan talk shows.  


Get It Right with Margaret Hoover – 12pm-1pm ET, daily                                                                                       

On her daily show, “Get It Right,” Hoover will analyze current events and culture with a refreshing center-right perspective.  Author of the bestselling book, “American Individualism,” she is a CNN political commentator committed to modernizing the Republican Party by reaching out to millennials on issues ranging from LGBT freedom to the environment.  A new mother and self-proclaimed “Hoover-head” (she is great-granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover), she will broaden the conversation beyond politics with an array of expert guests specializing in diverse fields from parenting to food and wine to financial analysis.  The show will offer insight and optimism with Hoover engaging listeners and together they will “Get It Right.”


Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang – 2pm-5pm ET, daily
The acclaimed comedian, television host and social media star challenges conventional wisdom on politics, media, religion, and pop culture on an entertaining and irreverent daily call-in show.  Journalists, comics, artists, authors, activists and political figures all have a place at the table along with many special guests.   


StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson – 5pm-6pm ET, daily

An exclusive presentation of deGrasse Tyson’s extensive archives, StarTalk Radio bridges the intersection between pop culture and science with clarity, humor and passion.  Subjects such as space travel, extra-terrestrial life, the Big Bang, the future of our Earth and the environment, and breaking news—from the universe to everything under the Sun—are all open for exploration.  Each day, Tyson is joined by co-hosts, celebrities, and other special guests.


The Karen Hunter Show - 7pm-9pm ET, daily

Pulitzer Prize-winning African-American journalist, professor, publisher and SiriusXM host leads candid conversations on the topics of the day.  Her show will feature segments with experts and celebrity guests across a variety of landscapes, including the worlds of sports, entertainment, and pop culture, as well as entrepreneurs from varied fields, to empower SiriusXM listeners to reach their goals for success.


Aspen Institute Radio – Saturdays, 1-3pm ET

Each week, SiriusXM listeners will hear from some of the top minds and thinkers of our time - with ideas on how to solve the big issues we face as a society today.  The program will draw on the Institute’s extensive archives and recordings from special forums, as well as original programing and conversations exclusively for the SiriusXM audience.


The Perri Peltz Show – Wednesdays at 6pm & Saturdays at 3pm

Veteran journalist, documentary filmmaker and public health advocate Perri Peltz focuses on issues relevant to working women and mothers everywhere. The show will provide a forum where listeners and guests can explore not only what the world expects from women, but also what women expect from themselves. 


Daily Beast Radio – Saturdays, 9am-10am ET

John Avlon, The Daily Beast’s Editor-in-Chief, will introduce a weekly wrap-up show to discuss the biggest stories on The Daily Beast and its Cheat Sheet.  Avlon will be joined by Beast writers and editors to talk politics, pop culture, foreign policy, technology and health while looking forward to the week ahead. 


TechCrunch Radio – Tuesdays at 6pm ET

The show offers SiriusXM listeners all the news on the latest technology from the world’s most innovative start-ups as well as established companies launching their gadgets, products, and services. “TechCrunch Radio” will include interviews with some of the most interesting and inventive people in the tech world, giving listeners an inside look at the most important topics in today’s technology landscape.


The Dean Obeidallah Show – Saturdays, 10am-12pm ET

Dean Obeidallah hosts the first-ever national radio show that examines the issues of the week from the Muslim American perspective.  Dean, who is of Palestinian descent, is a former practicing lawyer turned political comedian/writer and co-director of the comedy documentary, "The Muslims Are Coming!" His live, weekly show will be informative and entertaining, offering the perspective of a community whose voice is typically not heard in mainstream media. 


Success without Stress with Bob Roth – Last Friday of every month, 6pm ET

Transcendental Meditation expert from the David Lynch Foundation hosts a one-hour, monthly show that looks at how meditation helps individuals and society.  


Righteous Radio with Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove – Sundays, 9am ET

Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove hosts a weekly live show focusing on Jewish Culture and how it shapes the decisions we make in our lives.  


The Alan Dershowitz Show –Sundays, 10am-12pm ET

A weekly interview and live, call-in show focusing on a wide range of topics with an emphasis on domestic and international politics. 


TalkPoverty Radio –Saturdays, 12pm ET

Presented by the Center for American Progress, TalkPoverty Radio offers a fresh perspective on poverty in America - more than half of Americans will experience at least a year of poverty or near-poverty during their working years- featuring real people, real stories, and real solutions. Bringing together experts, policymakers, journalists, and people struggling on the brink, the weekly show strives to elevate the conversation, dispel myths and stereotypes, and explore practical solutions to address poverty in the U.S.


SiriusXM Insight will continue to air The Bob Edwards Show, featuring a decade of great interviews as curated by Edwards - spotlighting the great newsmakers, journalists, entertainers, and other compelling figures of our time – along with the best of Car Talk and The Takeaway, a daily news show hosted by award-winning journalist John Hockenberry.


Listeners will be able to join the conversation by calling 877-974-7487 or submitting their thoughts and questions using #SXMInsight and @SXMInsight.


Listeners can register for a 30-day trial to listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio on Android smartphones and other mobile devices. 

For more information on SiriusXM, please visit www.siriusxm.com.









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