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November, 3 2011

Mike Espy Endorses Johnny DuPree

I believe that every responsible political leader must have three essential qualities: integrity; experience; and capacity. Integrity to hold true to the values he advocates — no matter how hard — experience to navigate the difficult waters of governance; and the capacity to achieve good solutions through the application of vision and competence. 

My good friend, Johnny DuPree possesses all of these qualities — and more. 

I have known Mayor Johnny DuPree for over 25 years, and I know that his word is his bond. 

When he says that he will work day and night to provide an excellent education for every child in Mississippi — he means it.

When he says that he will create jobs through expanding opportunities for small businesses and holding large corporations accountable — you can believe him.

And when he says that he will bring ALL Mississippians around the table to solve our problems together — you can take it to the bank. 

You can trust him, as I do, because of his successful record in Hattiesburg — as community leader, county leader, and Mayor. He is a responsible leader, and every citizen in Hattiesburg has benefitted from his calm and competent leadership. 

In his 10 years as mayor, Johnny DuPree has led the City of Hattiesburg through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the through the worst economic recession in modern times. Through it all, he has helped to create more than 6,000 jobs, never raised taxes, never cut city services and never furloughed employees.

As Governor of Mississippi, he will employ the same calm, competent, and inclusive approach.  He is the Leader we need for times such as these.  

I wholeheartedly ENDORSE Johnny DuPree for Governor of Mississippi. He is a man of integrity, experience and capacity. 

He is the only candidate for Governor who can bring all Mississippians TOGETHER, regardless of race, region, or economic rank. He has done it in Hattiesburg. Now it the time for Johnny DuPree to display his talents on a much larger stage. 

We have been divided for too long. We can’t wait any longer. 

I urge all of us to work hard to elect Johnny DuPree the next Governor of the State of Mississippi on Tuesday, November 8.


Mike Espy

Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Former Mississippi Congressman