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Mid-South Tribune Editorial Video- Endorsement of Herschel Walker

The Black Vote Editorial Video

The Mid-South Tribune 2022 Mid-Terms Full Edition

Endorsement of Herschel Walker from The Mid-South Tribune

Herchel Walker Endorsement in PDF

Endorsement of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Endorsement of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in PDF

Fighting Back: The Mid-South Tribune 2022 Mid-Terms Election Special


Front Page

  1. Editorial: Fighting Back; Vote Republican
  2. Axel of Axe Truth (continued on page 2)
  3. Black Men Are Joining the Republican Party (continued on page 8)
  4. “Keys on How to Control Black People” by William Lynch (1712) (continued on page 8
  5. George Soros is the 21st Century Willie Lynch


Page 2

  1. Axel of Axe Truth Takes No Prisoners in His Comedy of Politics
  2. Fighting Back: A Report from Judicial Watch; Court Rejects Dem Party’s Role in Suit Against Illinois Election Day Extension (continued on pages 3 and 5, Report from Judicial Watch)

Page 3

  1. Republicans Make Commitment to America Preamble
  2. Gov. Bill Lee Launches $100 Million Violent Crime Intervention Fund to Help Law Enforcement
  3. Endorsement of Gov. Bill Lee

Page 4

  1. The Mid-South Tribune 2022 Endorsements of Herschel Walker (continued on page 9), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (continued on pages 7 and 8), and Sen. Ron Johnson (continued on page 11)

Page 5

  1. Endorsement of U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn for Senate Republican Majority Leader; Time to Kick Mitch McConnell to the Curb
  2. Blackburn Introduces Bill to Stop IRS from Bankrupting American Businesses
  3. Blackburn and Cruz Press DOJ on Attempts to Silence Concerns Over Gender Reassignment Surgeries for Minors (continued on page 12)

Page 6

1, Endorsements and Profiles of Byron Donalds, Burgess Owens, Carla Spalding, George Logan, Dr. Oz, Duke Buckner, and Darius Mayfield

Page 7

  1. “The Georgia Mid-Terms in Black and White” by Raynard Jackson (continued on page 10)
  2. Rick Caruso is the Outsider Los Angeles Needs as a Strong Leader” by Star Parker (continued on page 10)
  3. For the Record: Statement from Roger Stone in Response to the January 6th Committee (continued on page 8)
  4. Black Activists Argue Case in U.S. Supreme Court on Harvard’s ‘Blatant Racial Discrimination’ (continued on page 8)

Page 8

  1. “You Can’t Carry Electricity in a Bucket” by Dr. Jane M. Orient
  2. “Why America Drifted from God” by Manuel Ybarra, Jr. (Explanation on Chicxulub Asteroid)

Page 9

  1. “NAEP Scores Demand School Choice Now” by Danisha Merriweather, Founder of Black Minds Matter

Page 10

  1. Saluting Pastor Corey B. Brooks, Founder of Project H.O.O.D., Who Has Lived on a Rooftop to Call Attention to Crime in Chicago

Page 11

  1. Mid-South Tribune’s Endorsements of Candidates

Page 12

  1. “Time to Fix Broken State Criminal Justice System” by Bill Gibbons
  2. Gov. Bill Lee Launches New School Safety Toolkit as Practical Resources for Families
  3. Project 21 Presents a ‘Better Deal for Black America’ in Major Plan