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Antifa Must Leave Black Community*

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

It is time to stop ANTIFA! It is time for mainstream media to STOP calling the chaos the George Floyd protest movement. This is no longer about George Floyd. This is about ANTIFA (the new KKK) which is advancing its agenda of Democrat Socialism on the back of the black community. There is a reason why you see no black leaders come out. The riots also advance their agenda. The more riots, the more they believe will advance the Democrat Party. In other words, there is NO black leadership. It has subjugated itself with what used to be the Democrat Party, the radical left, ANTIFA, and whatever trash is sponsoring ANTIFA.
This black leadership does not care that black-owned businesses and small businesses are being destroyed or that this is a coup to destroy the United States of America. Even during war time amid Jim Crow, black citizens always fought to preserve this nation—warts and all.  Why? Because it is still home—warts and all! ANTIFA and the trash sponsoring it know that African Americans will vote for and support anything with ‘Democrat’ attached to it, even when it is attached to that euphemism called Democrat Socialism.  Even when it is attached to the lie called Democrat Socialism. ANTIFA knows that blacks will not question anything connected to the Democrat Party. ANTIFA and the trash sponsoring it have counted on this. ANTIFA’s hatred for this nation is beyond party lines, beyond the President, beyond reason. It is time to STOP ANTIFA from raping the Black community to ruin this nation, to ruin livelihoods, to ruin dreams.  Yes, there is police brutality by a few bad apples and the issue should be addressed.  BUT, it is time to follow the money and find WHO is sponsoring ANTIFA, a group of thugs that creates chaos. ANTIFA is nothing; ANTIFA creates nothing! Time to find the snake and cut off the head before this nation is reduced to a third-world nation and before the black community is further raped by it. Now is the time for decent, hard-working Black Americans to take back their community and RE-BUILD. Black leadership will not speak out against ANTIFA because ANTIFA is part of the rot which has now taken root in what used to be the Democrat Party. THINK about it. Have you heard any black leader even utter the word ANTIFA? Have you? Or any word against ANTIFA?  ANTIFA is part of the rot inside the Democrat Party which now has a stronghold on black leadership and yes, even black ministers to the extent that to speak out against ANTIFA is to speak out against the Democrat Party. We all know in the black community that the Democrat Party has been held sacred to the point of blaspheme. Never mind that ANTIFA deliberately burned down a D.C. church to send the message that it has no respect for churches. Any church! The new Democrat Party has purged and censored black representatives such as Vernon Jones, Karen Whitsett, and John DeBerry (who is also a minister). These lone black officeholders in the spirit of Dr. King would not go along with their agenda. With the same venom of a rogue police who murdered George Floyd, ANTIFA has put its knee on the neck of the black community so it cannot breathe. Have you even heard Gov. Cuomo or Bill DeBlasio or any pseudo-liberal Democrat of a big city denounce ANTIFA or even use the word ANTIFA? You have not. ANTIFA which claims to be Anti-fascism is in fact fascism, and a fascism which is quickly claiming the black lives that truly matter under the guise of the Democrat Party, under the guise of bailing out the looters in the name of George Floyd. Black-owned and small businesses are not being bailed out.  
ANTIFA is the leftist KKK which seeks to control blacks by any means necessary to advance its agenda. Again, we ask mainstream media to STOP labeling this violence as a George Floyd Protest. It is not! It is an ANTIFA protest. It is time to dismantle ANTIFA; it is time to destroy ANTIFA, and rebuild these United States of America! We say to ANTIFA and the Trash that sponsors it “Don’t tread on US (United States)!”


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