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Dodge Travel Hassles: Ship Your  Luggage

(NewsUSA) - As summer gets into full swing, Americans focus less on their daily tasks and more on the vacation destinations that will help them unwind. But nothing interferes with much-needed relaxation more than luggage problems. Whether vacationers run into snags when it comes to dragging their luggage around, meeting airline restrictions or recovering lost luggage, these hurdles can generate considerable stress.

Some Americans are skipping checked-in luggage altogether, choosing instead to ship their luggage to their vacation spot. Many companies will ship suitcases and other items, like scuba gear or golf clubs, to hotels or resorts. For example, Pak Mail Centers, a packing and shipping chain with franchises located throughout the U.S. and the world, offer custom shipping and crating to any destination, whether domestic or international. And unlike some airlines, they specialize in getting things where they need to be, on time and safely.

"We have eased the hassle and burden of vacation travel for our customers by shipping their belongings on ahead to their vacation destinations," said Rhonda Knight, Pak Mail's marketing director. "We have shipped golf clubs, boogie boards, snorkel gear, you name it, so that the vacation can be more fun and hassle-free."

Vacationers who may be considering shipping their luggage should keep several considerations in mind. Pak Mail offers the following advice:

- Make sure that your luggage will arrive before you do. Check with the shipping company to see how long the delivery will take. International shipments must go through customs inspections, so they take longer than domestic shipments.

- Let your hotel know to expect your luggage. Most hotels happily accommodate shipped luggage.

- Remember to bring a few things for the plane. Depending on the length of your trip, you might still want to pack a carry-on bag with basic toiletries and entertainment for the plane.

For more information, travel to www.pakmail.com.