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How to Give Children Medicine - FDA - English Version

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Walgreens to give FREE HIV screenings in  JUNE in national community awareness campaign - posted June 11, 2015

Spring Rejuvenators & Weight Loss Helpers: 
3 Anti-Inflammatory Cocktail
- posted June 11, 2015

 Recipes: Spring Rejuvenators & Weight Loss Helpers: 
3 Anti-Inflammatory Cocktails
- posted June 11, 2015

EDITORIAL: Danny Thomas, FedEx St. Jude Classic, and Lovingkindness - posted June 8, 2015

Easter Eggs Safety Tips from the FDA - posted April 2, 2015

Knowbetterdobetter Movement to Eradicate HIV/AIDS - posted Feb. 8, 2015

U of M Health and Sport Sciences Professor needs volunteers for JuicePlus+ nutritional study on Obesity - posted Jan. 8, 2015

Colgate-Palmolive and Family Dollar Stores partner to offer free dental screenings during Black History Month  - posted January 8, 2015

Foods to Flatten the Tummy - posted Jan. 5, 2015

Tennessee first state to be sued on Obamacare - posted July 25, 2015

Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation (Tronox) Fact Sheet - posted June 20, 2014

Church Health Center's Men Health Summitt  is set for June 28, 2014

Set Your Sights on Eye Health- posted May 23, 2014

Barbara Kopple's Academy Award winning documentary "Running from Crazy" features the Hemingway family on OWN - debuts April 27, 2014

"Make Your Voice Heard on Affordable Health" by Dr. Paul Banick - posted March 27, 2014

KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) and NBA star Kevin Durant unveil movement to show it's strong to be kind(TM). Partnership looks to change perceptions of strength and kindness, and to rally Americans to stand up. “Being strong doesn't mean anything unless you have respect for everyone around you,” says Durant. (Photo courtesy of KIND Healthy Snacks)

NBA's Kevin Durant and KIND Healthy Snacks launch initiative for at risk kids - posted March 18, 2014 (Archives)

Oprah and Deepak introduce meditation series on OWN - posted March 17, 2014 (aarchives)

Teens 4 Pink Empowers African American Teens to Fight Cancer - posted March 17, 2014 (archives)

Black Male Caregivers Focus on Safe Infant Sleep Trainining - posted March 14, 2014 (archives)

Kerr-McGee/Tronox Class Action Lawsuit List of Names (archives)

Hair Care video

Health Videos

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