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Dr. Janet Scott

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St. Jude Children's Hospital Video

 National Affordable Healthcare Plan

Preventive Measures Against West Nile

Memphis Ranks 45th in American Fitness Index (MST sports 2 and continued on MST sports 3) - May 19-26, 2017 edition

"There's a Gender Gap in Sports Injuries" in The Mid-South Tribune print sports edition on MST sports 3 and cont. on  MST sports 4  - posted April 28, 2016

Tia Mowery and doctor demonstrate flu vaccine thru nose, I Insist video, Interview on health and lifestyle -posted Oct. 17, 2013 (Videos)

Living with Cancer “Naked Jane Bares All," by JanecSchwartzberg with co-author Marcy Tolkoff Levy - posted October 4, 2013

Prostate Cancer Study Tracks Long-term Urinary, Sexual and Bowel Function Side Effects Following Therapy - posted January 31, 2013

Shelby County Health Department Announces Mosquito Spray Schedule (archive)

Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Center Offering Pre-Concussion Baseline Tests to Community Athletes

President Obama's Remarks on Historic Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care - full text

Stress Busters

How to Give Children Medicine - FDA - English Version 

How to Give Children Medicine - FDA - Spanish Version

Kerr-McGee/Tronox Class Action Lawsuit List of Names

What to do for a Hangover?





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