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The Mid-South Tribune’s Juneteenth 2021 Special Edition (June 2021)



Editorial: HR-1 Uses Racism to Advance Socialism and Communism Through Black Community; Congress Must Vote No [Note: Editorial originally published on March 30, 2021] (Front page and continued on page 4, and page 6); Time for National Museum of African American History and Culture to Recognize The Honorable Clarence Thomas (front page and continued on page 5); Endorsement of Rep. Vernon Jones for Governor of Georgia (front page and continued on page 5); Juneteenth Becomes National Holiday (front page); No Coke! No Woke! (front page); For the Record: Before the Big Scrub of Its Website, Here’s the Real Truth on What was on the BLM Website which was Marxist, Anti-Male, Anti-White Male, Anti-Family, and Anti-Father (page 2); For the Record: May’s Job Numbers Show that Black Unemployment is High Under Joe Biden; Under President Donald Trump Pre-Pandemic Black Unemployment was at Historical Low (page 2); Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Offers Complimentary Youth Tickets for WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational for Family Fun (page 3); NFL Greats Eddie George and Deion Sanders Face Off as Coaches in 32nd Southern Heritage Classic Presented by FedEx; Tickets Now on Sale (page 3 and continued on page 12); University of Memphis Football Heads to Full Capacity for New Season; Tickets Now on Sale (page 3 and continued on page 12); The Cause Is Greater than I- Woody Williams (page 3); Emancipation Proclamation (page 3 and continued on page 12); UofM 100 Per Cent Full Capacity (page 3); “NRA Celebrates 150 Years Protecting America’s Second Amendment Rights” by David A. Keene (page 4 and continued on page 6); “Biden’s Open Border Policies will Bring Chaos to Tennessee Communities” by U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (page 4); Blackburn-Hagerty Resolution Recognizing 225th Year on Tennessee Statehood (page 4 and continued on page 8); “What Shall We Teach Our Children about Slavery?” by Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D. (page 4 and continued on pages 9 and page 11. Article from The Mid-South Tribune’s 1999 Archives); continuation of articles (page 5); continuation of articles (page 6); June is Black Music Month: Summer of Soul … Or when the Revolution Could Not Be Televised Set for Limited Theatrical Release at the Historical El Capital Theatre (page 7); The Women’s Songwriters’  Hall of Fame Inducts Iconic Hitmakers (page 7 and continued on page 8); Chief DD, the Philosopher of Hip Hop (page 7); UMe Celebrates Black Music Month (page 8); “ ‘Negro’ Spirituals Continue to be Part of the American Black Experience and Heritage” by Cheryta Jones (page 8); Gov. Lee Announces Next Steps for Memphis Regional MegaSite (page 8 and continued on page 10; Save the Manatee (page 8); Sen. Blackburn Introduces Resolution Condemning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in K-12 (page 9); PETA (page 9); Black Tech Street Announces Community Partners and Issues Call for New Symbol of Black Wall Street (page 10); Silas House Named Editor of Fireside Industries (page 10); Home Depot Foundation and Home Builders Institute Partner with 100 Black Men of America, Inc. to Provide Skilled Trade Training Opportunities for Youth in Underserved Communities (page 10); Inner-City Arts Names Shelby Williams-Gonzalez President and CEO (page 10); The Pit at WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational (page 10); Getty Images and Stand Together Announce an Inaugural Grant to Preserve HBCU’s Historical Archives (page 11); Memphis Youth Villages Will Host Three Job Fairs in June – Degreed and Non-Degreed Positions Offered  in June and July (page 12); UofM’s Hooks Institute for Social Change Announces First Academic Research Fellows (page 12); Here Are Some Facts About Juneteenth (page 12); Marvel’s Fagbenle (page 12)

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