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William Larsha, Sr.






Dark Day for a President

 (Published in 1974 and re-published in The Mid-South Tribune in 2005)

By William Larsha

 It sure is a pity

In the Cherry Blossom city

Where the King has created a



And from the eastern fog

To the western smog

Americans are in distress


Now for months we have read

From our newspaper head

Of the famous Watergate foul

Well soon we may see

On home TV

The President’s impeachment



Yet, the White House was bright

And only a Knight

Could ever hope to be hired

But quicker than quick

No matter the flick

A many of staffers retired


For in the king’s den

Were some naughty type men

Whose deeds won them time in


Even the Vice President

A celebrated gent

Had to suddenly leave the fort


And in spite of news time

On White House crime

Wrong-doers were let to go free

But the Sioux had to fight

For what they call right

At a place called Wounded Knee


And while jolly milk men

Unlawful in the den

Were funding the King’s campaign

Wholesalers were wheeling

Through the détente dealing

So Russia could buy up our grain





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