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Ban the Box Letter

Full list of Commuted Sentences by President Barack on March 30, 2016

Black Business Group Files Discrimination and fraud Charges against SBA - posted May 5, 2016

Memphis correctional facility to be part of White House and Labor Department TechHire Grant Initiative - posted November 19, 2015

Lawyers'  Committee on Death of Jacqueline A. Barrien on November 8, 2015

Military Veterans on Death Row - posted Nov. 12, 2015

BMW Settles EEOC Lawsuit - posted Sept. 25, 2015

NAAAOM to Appeal Comcast and Time Warner Lawsuit - posted August 13, 2015

Lawyers’ Committee President and Executive Director Barbara Arnwine Testifies Before EEOC on 21st Century Workplace - posted April 16, 2015

Barbara Arnwine full testimony in PDF

NAAAOM Files lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner, NAACP, Al Sharpton - posted February 25, 2015

NAAAOM Lawsuit in PDF (full text)

List  of Presidential pardons released on Dec. 17, 2014

DuPont Found Guilty on Age Discrimination on December 5, 2014

EEOC Sues MLGW - posted March 18, 2014

Editorial: In Defense of Judge Nicole Clinkscales - posted Nov. 11, 2013

Travelers, to Judge Clinkscales Editorial in PDF format

Attorney Paula Drungole Seeks Black Farmers Lawsuit Estate Approvals for Possible Further Consultation - posted September 11, 2013

Tennessee Ranks 6th in Murder of Women - posted Sept. 25, 2013

Black Women Murdered at Higher Rate than White Women - posted Sept. 25, 2013

EEOC Sues Memphis KFC for Sexual Harassment of 16-year-old Employee - posted Sept. 12, 2013

EEOC Files Against Holiday Inn in Mississippi - posted August 23, 2013

Lawyers’ Committee Commends Justice Department Legal Action to Protect Voting Rights in Texas - posted Aug. 22, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder's Speech to the American Bar Association on August 12, 2013

Justice for Trayvon March Schedule Announced for July 20, 2013 (archive)

Prison Reform Lane

Trayvon Martin

North Star Highlights

Black Leadership Family Plan

Editorial: Trayvon Martin Verdict Was No Good! - posted July 16, 2013

Statements on Trayvon Martin Verdict

Yahoo! Immigration Reform, Techno-Capitalism and Hispanic - Editorial posted June 24, 2013

President Obama's Speech on Immigration Reform in PDF format

President Obama's Speech on Immigration Reform on June 11, 2013 - full text

To Immigration Reform Bill S. 744 - Full Text

Sony BMG Settles Major Legal Battle with Black Law Firm for the Rights of Artists   - posted May 28, 2013

President Obama Nominates Three to Serve on the United States District Court - May 16, 2013

U.S. Dept. of Education offers $1 million to form partnership programs for job training programs for existing prisoners - posted Nov. 20, 2012 (archive)

City of Memphis Wins Case;  Citizens Can Use Library I.D. to Vote - Nov. 1, 2012 (archive)

Law Archives 1 - Articles of interest

LDF: Wet Seal Clothing Store Chain Executives Fire African-American Employees For Sake of "Diversity" and "Brand Image"

SCLC Chapter Leaders Sue to Stop Rogue National Officers from Doing Improper SCLC Business

Kerr-McGee/Tronox Class Action Lawsuit List of Names

Title VI Legal Manual

For more information about the mortgage servicing settlement, go to www.NationalMortgageSettlement.com.  To find your state attorney general’s website, go to www.NAAG.org and click on “The Attorneys General.”  - Travelers, to see full story on Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE - See News Lane (archive)


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