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BLACK HISTORY 2016 Print Edition

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Front  page

Headlines: Shush! Slave Breeding Remains a Hushed up Subject in American History - New Study Pulls Shameful Blot into the Open (continued on page 8) "The History of Black History by Vernon E. Ash"; "Black Media in Crisis" by Victor Ochieng from FinancialJuneteenth.com

Page 2

Headlines: AT&T 28-Day's Big Event Pays Homage to Past and Present Black Trailblazers; Black Americans for Better  Future Hold Its Black Republican Trailblazer Awards; Do You Know This About Black History? Cadence ad promo

Page 3

Headlines: "Profile: Ida B. Wells, Black Publisher, Editor and Fighter for Justice" by William Larsha, Sr. (continued on page 6); University of Women ad promo; Marvel's Captain America - Civil War ad promo

Page 4

Headlines: 2013 Editorial Revisited in Support of Col. Charles Young to be Promoted Posthumously; Black Colonel Was Not Promoted Because of White Soldiers Would Have to Salute Him (continued on page 15; "The Legendary Colonel Young: Another Look at Black Military History" by Katy St. Clair (continued on page 15)

Page 5

Headlines: Full Content of President Barack Obama's Final State of the Union Address to the Nation (cont. on pages 11 and 13); Captain America Civil War ad promo

Page 6

Headlines: Sprout Celebrates Black History Month with a Series of Inspirational Vignettes Featuring Historical Figures and Kids Who Make an Impact

Page 7

Headlines: "The Invisible: The Untold Story of African American Slaves in the White House is a Must Read"; Reiff's 'Born of Conviction Explores White Methodists and Mississippi's Closed Society

Page 8

Headlines: Selma Award Winning Ava DuVernay to Bring Original Series to OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (continued on page 9); "Destiny" by T.D. Jakes ad promo.

Page 9

Headlines: Villarosa Media to Promote Fiction and Nonfiction Primarily by and about African Americans and the African Diaspora; National Museum of American History Adds Little Rock 9 Objects; Flo Roach Emcees 15th Annual Jewel Awards Honoring Black Funeral Homes; FedEx St. Jude Run ad promo

Page 10

Headlines: "How Many Februarys Will It Take for America to Believe Black Children Are the Future, Too?" by Ikhlas Saleem; "Are We Really 250 Years Away from Closing Achievement Gap?" by Marilyn Anderson Rhames (continued on page 13); Willie Lynch Arrives in the 21st Century with Keys on How to Control Black People (continued on page 13)

Page 11

Headlines: Faithing It ad promo

Page 12

Headlines: HBCUs, Hancock Fabrics, Education Quilt ad promo

Page 13

Headlines: Continuation of articles

Page 14

Headlines: "Race" Movie Tracks the Journey of Jesse Owens at 1936 Olympics- Hitler's Aryan Beliefs Debunked; "Lawrence Matthews III: The Perception of Marketing Explores Race and Image" at Martha and Robert Fogelman Galleries; Macy's hosts a series of Conversations on Black History and Popular Culture

Page 15

Headlines: Cong. Charles Rangel's Letter in Support of Col. Charles Young to be Promoted Posthumously and in Support of the National Coalition of Black Veterans

Page 16

Headlines: Bishop T. D. Jakes Presents the 2016 Pastors and Leadership Conference - ad promo


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