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Letter from Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies - posted August 4, 2015

List of 100 Cities for Justice for Trayvon Vigils (archives)

Justice for Trayvon March Schedule Announced for July 20, 2013 (archives)

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Wish I Was Here  New York premiere- posted July 18, 2014 -- See fashions, interviews, and interviews

2014 Tony Awards Interviews (archives)

New York  2014 Asian Film Festival (archives)

Belle Movie Interviews,  fashions and red carpet at New York Premiere (archives)

Modell's Super Bowl Kick-Off Party and Fashion Show at Slate, featuring Alyssa Milano (archives)

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To New York Redistricting Testimony in PDF Format (archive)

LDF Testifies at New York Redistricting Hearing (archive)

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