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Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Issues Statement on Occupy Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN - August 10, 2012 - Occupy Memphis and its downtown encampment have raised awareness about income inequality and the 99 percent since the group started last September. The City of Memphis commends them on their commitment to their cause and their perseverance, especially in light of this summerís extreme temperatures.

From the groupís initial encampment last October, the City of Memphis, the Downtown Memphis Commission, and the Shelby County health department have allowed them to stay and exercise their rights to assembly and free speech, barring any sort of health or safety hazard.

Weíve also asked that the camp and its residents not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular access to public areas and right-of-ways. 

In light of recent events, including altercations and assaults at the camp, as well as public health hazards and construction on the Main Street Mall, the City of Memphis has asked Occupy Memphis residents to dismantle the camp.


Though Occupy members say they have been using public and private restroom facilities, public bathing and urination have been known to occur in the water wall next to the Downtown Memphis Commission. There have also been complaints of members defecating on the mall and urinating on the side of 160 N. Main.   


The City of Memphis has provided Occupy-ers with a secure location in which to house their belongings for a short time and has referred them to the Community Alliance for the Homeless for services.







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