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  Posted March 21, 2014

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To the Col. Charles Young main lane

The White House Bratmobile and Col. Charles Young


Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

          Since the Commander-in-Chief cannot fight the Russians, he has chosen to fight the National Coalition of Black Veterans. For this, he has unleashed what can be called the White House Bratmobile which consists of pseudo white liberals (I refer to them as Jungle Jims because they’re only happy when they ‘lead’ silent Black people) on his staff.  When these pompous ass brats do not get their way, they resort to mobilizing a Willie Lynch campaign which moves on temper tantrums and retaliation when it comes to the African American community.  I mean, many African Americans know that some of the most racist Caucasians are in fact those who view themselves as liberal whites. Blah! Blah!

            This piece is going to get dirty. However, I figure since the Bratmobile has gotten into the mud then I might as well get into the mud, too. So, to those who don’t want to read further or think that I am disrespecting America’s first African American president, be that as it may.  Moving on into the mud pit.

First of all the Bratmobile has released a blitzkrieg of publicity on now recognizing minority soldiers with belated medals of honors. On Tuesday, March 18, in the year of our Lord, 2014, the nation’s first Black president hosted a beautiful ceremony for these soldiers who deserved to be recognized. Before these, the White House honored nine other minority soldiers with belated medals and they, too, deserved to be recognized. But these gestures are not what they seem: Sincere. These gestures are in response to and a retaliation against the National Coalition of Black Veterans which has been campaigning for an “Honorary Promotion” of Col. Charles Young.

We’ve been writing about Col. Young’s achievements in our strong support of the National Coalition of Black Veterans.  We shall not repeat all of the Colonel’s achievements here due to space.

For two years, the Coalition has politely asked the White House and the Commander-in-Chief for an “Honorary Promotion” for Col. Young to the rank of “Honorary General”. Among his numerous achievements, Col. Young was the third African American cadet to graduate from West Point. At the time of his death in 1922 he was the highest ranking Black officer in the military-- a segregated military.

            So, to those African American soldiers and others who received their belated medals, you need to thank the National Coalition of Black Veterans for being the impetus in making this happen. The point being that their medals and ceremonies emanated from the White House’s retaliatory measures against the National Coalition of Black Veterans.

            Let’s get deeper into the mud: The President’s Bratmobile snubbed again the National Coalition of Black Veterans when the President refused to come for a Black History event to honor Col. Young. This snub came after the White House had promised several times to call the coalition months before the event and led them on that the President would participate. The Black Veterans inquired again; the Bratmobile promised yet again. But no cigar.

            Since then the President has had time to display his comedic skills on a web series.


At the National Coalition of Black Veterans’ Black History ceremony, Cong. Barbara Lee gave her letter of support to the National Coalition of Black Veterans for Col. Young and sent a representative. All members of the Congressional Black Caucus have signed off on letters of support. Haitian Ambassador Paul G. Altidor and Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf along with other notables have sent letters of support (Col. Young served in Africa while in the U.S.A. Army). World War I hero General Jack Pershing supported Col. Young in spite of risking his own career, knowing that Young did not get his next step of promotion because white soldiers made it clear that they would not salute a Black general.  

W.E.B. Du Bois gave the eulogy for Col. Young in 1922.

Said Du Bois who knew Young:  “…No one ever knew the truth about the hell he went through at West Point. He seldom even mentioned it. The pain was too great. Few knew what faced him always in his army life. It was not enough for him to do well—he must always do better; and so much and so conspicuously better, as to disarm the scoundrels that ever trailed him. He lived in the army surrounded by insult and intrigue and yet he set his teeth and kept his soul serene and triumphed.”

Fast forwarding to the 21st Century:  Col. Young is still being trailed by  

scoundrels and going through hell—from the first African American Commander-in-Chief who has let loose his Bratmobile to inflict more pain in his memory.

Cong. Lee has been one of those leading this fight to get this honor bestowed on Col. Charles Young who was also denied his promotion due to the influence segregationist Mississippi Governor Bilbo had in President Wilson’s White House.

            To beef up this denial of Col. Young’s Honorary Promotion, the White House Bratmobile has utilized what I call the Triple Willie Lynch strategy of squashing the National Black Coalition of Black Veterans. Now, with all due respect, many African Americans know about the Willie Lynch approach; yet, because Black citizens want to respect America’s first African American president, they have inadvertently allowed the Bratmobile to structure the following strategy to punish and to step up its retaliation against the Black Veterans.

 This is the Triple Willie Lynch strategy : 1). If you ignore a Black long enough, he/she will just go away like a gnat; thus, this is why the Bratmobile has ignored the National Coalition of Black Veterans. That didn’t work. 2). Politicos know that you can promise African Americans anything but you don’t have to deliver anything; thus, the Bratmobile promised over and over and over that the White House would get back in touch—for two years this promise was made.  But the National Coalition of Black Veterans didn’t stop pursuing. So, that didn’t work. 3). African Americans know of the ‘We have one’ approach. This means that if you reward one Black or Black group, you are at liberty to punish the “troublemaking” Black by any means necessary. In this case, that would be the National Black Coalition of Black Veterans which now is being punished with this slew of belated medals bestowed on other minority soldiers ‘to teach them a lesson!’ This way the Bratmobile can say “See, we have done right by Black veterans… see, we are good people… See, we’re Democrats which means we can do what we want to African Americans because we now have a Black president…so if we disrespect the National Black Coalition of Black Veterans, it doesn’t matter…” and all the while they’re styling, smiling and profiling for the mainstream press. The Bratmobile is grinning because it has trounced the National Black Coalition of Black Veterans for not keeping its proverbial Black place and for being the proverbial Black troublemakers, especially during a mid-term election year.

            The White House Bratmobile is known for its temper tantrums and how it goes after anybody or any entity which does not acquiesce.

            We shall not acquiesce on this matter and will continue to strongly support the National Coalition of Black Veterans in this effort.

For the record, some of the members of this venerable group of Black Veterans are: The American Legion-Charles Young Post #398; Los Banos Buffalo Soldiers 9th and 10th Cavalry, Los Banos, CA; The USCG National Association of Former Stewards and Mates; The Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Committee-Inland Empire Heritage Association; The Association of the 2221 Negro Infantry Volunteers World War II; The National Association of Black Veterans; The African American Patriots Consortium, Inc.; The 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Association; The 555th Black Paratroopers Association; 369th Veterans Association; Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.—among others.

            The National Coalition of Black Veterans does not deserve this treatment. It has done nothing to deserve this type of disrespect. It has done nothing to deserve this type of retaliation. It has done nothing to deserve this type of on-going two-year attempts at humiliation. These honorable men and women have done nothing but exhibit the finest example of bravery, commitment, and patriotism. Col. Young does not deserve this treatment.

            The White House has delivered the lowest form of behavior one can towards the front defenders of this nation. And that is a downright, lowdown dirty shame.

            The White House Bratmobile has temper tantrums. When it has temper tantrums it does not care about the repercussions.

The National Coalition of Black Veterans continues to remain respectful to the Commander-in-Chief; each member remains dignified.

            But I don’t have to be dignified. I choose to get into the foxhole. And in the history of my life, this will not be my first mud fight. We have made a commitment to continue our strongest support of these Black Veterans and if this means writing about it until a new president is elected, then so be it.

            And to you Black soldiers who received your medals belatedly, send a thank you note to the National Coalition of Black Veterans and send up your prayers for Col. Young that the right thing is done by him.





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