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Welcome, Travelers, to the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE. While traveling on the Black Information Highway, you will cruise along the colors of red, black, and green. These colors were chosen because they symbolize the universal flag of Black freedom.

Naturally, Black symbolizes people of African descent; and Green for nature, land—the fertile soil; and the most poignant is Red for the blood spilled on the soil to advance freedom. On the Black Information Highway (BIH) we take our symbol of Green further and make it representative of economic freedom-- a freedom Black citizens have yet to achieve.

Freedom itself is universal. And this means, of course, that anyone regardless of race, color, or creed can travel on the Black Information Highway, “the 21st Century Underground Railroad” for as long as you want in cyberspace. We welcome suggestions, critiques, articles, news from any state or country, and socio-economic papers for our Black Paper section. Opinion pieces and Letters to the Editor are also encouraged to be part of the dialectics to help us all to think outside the Black box.*

Our BIHMST Education Quilt symbolizes the same message of freedom with its brilliant colors of red, black and green. We strongly believe that education is the twin of economics. Both are needed to go to the next level. Please be patient as we piece our actual quilt into its red, black, and green patches to bring you yet another layer of freedom.

Since 1996, Travelers have been cruising the Black Information Highway helping to make it among the oldest websites on the Internet. We thank you for that honor.

Many of our print readers are familiar with The Mid-South Tribune, an award-winning newspaper, and know that MST has long been part of the journey on the Black Information Highway. We are evolving to bring you online programming which has been an integral plan of our platform building since the beginning when technology had not caught up with our vision. And as many of you already know that is in keeping with The Mid-South Tribune’s Biblical motto: “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”

So, on that track, we leave you to cruise along the Black Information Highway, the 21st Century Underground Railroad. Welcome, Travelers!

Respectfully yours,

(Ms) Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher



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